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One girl's journey to get herself a baby

Status quo

Still no news. And not of the “no news is good news” variety. Just general no news!!!!


An update

All is STILL quiet here. I did finally get a contact person and she is looking into verifying all my paperwork is in. Hoping to get confirmation next week and then get started. We will see!

Good news, bad news, no news

I will start with the good news-I met with the volunteer coordinator for the foster place and gave them all my paperwork. She’s going to get in touch with the department that manages teens transitioning out of care and see what kind of help they need. Just talking to her made me want to quit my job and take over the whole foster care system myself! Those who don’t know me well may not understand this, but I “sort of” like to fix things. And…oh my gosh! They are so over-worked and obviously under-funded! They have a room of supplies (book bags, clothes, sneakers, toiletries, etc) and they track inventory IN A NOTEBOOK! Ah! 20 minutes I. There with a laptop and DO YOU KNOW WHAT I COULD DO?! Speaking of, if anyone has stuff that is in good condition and want to donate, may I suggest your local foster center? Especially school uniforms if you live in a county where those are required. All sizes from 0 to stuff that would fit teens are needed. They take financial donations too-for foster parents that want to sign the kids up for sports or dance classes but who wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise. It’s all so great.

Bad news-my natural baby making days are done. The doc has said I’m pretty much at my limit unless I want to move to IVF. And that’s not only WAY more than I can afford, it’s only a 30% success rate. So that’s kind of a bummer. If I were to spend 30-40K I think I would just go for a private adoption which has a much higher chance of turning out.

As for the adoption path I’m currently on…STILL no news! I passed my home study before Christmas and haven’t heard anything. The woman I met said she would try and put a bug in the case managers ear, but I still haven’t heard anything. The wait is horrible!

So that’s it for this end. I’m still in good spirits and still feel good about pushing forward I’m just NOT VERY PATIENT!! I eat my cookie dough raw because it annoys me how long it takes to cook! Much less MONTHS AND MONTHS OF WAITING!!!

I passed!

Someone came out to do my adoption home study and I was successful in covering up my insanity long enough that I was approved!!

If you know anyone who is a foster mom or someone looking to give a little one up for adoption-let me know!

Next steps, getting a case worker assigned and working on finding a little one 🙂

Hiding the bodies

The case worker called and she will be here Saturday morning for my first meeting! I don’t know what’s in store yet, but she will give me a layout of next steps. She has to check the house, so I’m cleaning and realizing OH MY GOD MY HOUSE NEEDS SO MUCH WORK. I guess as long as I don’t appear too crazy and I contain the wild animals, lock up the poisons and bury the bodies, I should be good!
I guess I will know more on Saturday, so look for an update then and keep your fingers crossed for me!

A few more weeks

Heard from my teacher at the adoption place. I should be contacted in a few more weeks. It feels like FOREVER.

I did try another IUI, that was a bust. Pisser. My eggs are ANCIENT! Weird because I look like I’m 23.

(Shut up. All of you. Let me have this!)

Still. Effing. Waiting.

No news is good news

Just waiting on my background check…a couple more weeks on that.
All is well here!

I’m done!

Finished my MAPP classes last night.  It was a great class and I’ll fill in details later.  I’ve had a crazy few weeks and am just going to take some downtime and RE-LAX!

I got my fingerprints done today for my background check and that takes 30 days – so nothing new for awhile.  Once the background check comes through, I’ll be assigned a case worker and then can go from there.  I’ll get a home study done, where they come and check out the house and make sure I live in a safe environment and then I’m on my way.  So if anyone has any spare outlet cover pluggie things, send them my way 🙂

Holy cow

Holy cow you guys! I only have one class left! You would not believe the amount of work I have to do this week. I could take the next three days off and still not be done so its going to be a paperwork filled weekend.
I have to finish (ahem. Start) my Lifebook which is a crafty little affair that introduces the potential kid to me. Many of you know my limited craft abilities. Family, remember the candles I made for Christmas that one year? Martha isn’t exactly shaking in her boots. Plus finishing my adoption packet, which is real close to done, but I put off all the really hard stuff til the end (because I’m an asshole). Plus fingerprinting, some banking docs and pages and pages of homework for this last class. Like, a booklet of homework!
If you guys need me, I’ll be crying salty tears into papercuts.

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